Wednesday, November 15, 2017

'We need to talk about the monarchy as part of independence'

The latest from Phantom Power's Journey to Yes series, featuring someone who you might remember giving Ruth Davidson a (thoroughly deserved) hard time during the general election campaign.


  1. I'm all for having a talk about the monarchy but let's leave that until we have independence and the means to do something about it, eh? (Not a comment against you, James, just a comment in general.)

  2. Agree with Hugh and fynesider. There are many things that belong to a proper, serious discussion once we are once more an independent nation. (This includes our membership of international organisations such as NATO and the EU).

  3. I think next Indyref question schould be like Catalanref question: "Should Scotland be an indipendent republican country?"

  4. Let's get rid of all these dinosaurs , we don't need them or the parasites that cling to their coattails , we can't afford them .Hopefully when the Queen goes the monarchy will diminish greatly , Charles is no saint and the people will hardly listen to him .However let's wait till we are independent and have a grown up full scale discussion on it .I also think William wants a much smaller monarchy , let's hope he succeeds !

    1. There aint no such thing as a saint. And you contradict your position in your final sentence.

  5. The question should be do you want to remain in the Union. Scotland is a nation.
    And the hypocrisy of the Nat sis who want rid of the Monarchy and out of NATO voted for both to remain thinking they could con Unionists into voting Yes.

  6. JTRIG JTRIG agent provocateur